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Metta Earth Programs

Ecological Leadership Intensives

Ecological Leadership Intensives give participants the opportunity to deepen personal growth while building skills to lead and empower others. Each of the four sessions, Ecology of Yoga, Regenerative Community Design, Integrative Permaculture, and Wilderness & Ecopsychology, offers an in-depth focus as a response to the environmental, social, and spiritual crises manifesting on the planet at this time.


Internships at Metta Earth provide the wonderful opportunity for someone who would like to live simply and very healthfully in an exquisitely beautiful place and participate wholeheartedly in the practice and work of a contemplative retreat center.

Re-Skilling Workshops

Re-Skilling Workshops provide foundations in basic earth and homesteading skills such as beekeeping, herbalism, and whole foods cooking.

Yoga & Meditation Programs

Yoga and meditation programs integrate traditional asana and meditation practices with an ecological perspective. These programs will nourish your mind, body and soul with inspiring yoga, peaceful meditation experiences in nature, delicious, home-grown, completely organic food, the beauty of a mountain farm, and the warmth of community.

Metta Retreats

Metta Retreats offer space for rest, peace and solitude for individuals, groups, or organizations at our retreat center nestled in green mountains of Vermont. Retreats may be in solitude, such as the Hermitage Retreats or include guided offerings such as contemplative practice and/or re-skilling classes.

Mirroring the Four Shields of Human Nature

Sponsored by Vermont Wilderness Rites.  Hosted by Metta Earth Institute, South Lincoln Vermont

For wilderness guides, psychotherapists, counselors, coaches, clergy, and others looking to deepen their work.