Guided Offerings

Options for Retreat Participants

Metta Earth Institute Guided OfferingsAlthough we have group retreats, trainings, and classes that happen throughout the year, we may not have any group offerings at the time of some personal or hermitage retreats. Therefore, we offer private sessions for one or more retreat participants alone or together, which are guided by one of our team. Possible sessions are listed below, but they can all be individually designed to support specific interests and needs.

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Contemplative Practice Sessions

Yoga and/or Meditation

Yoga and Meditation may include asana, pranayama, philosophy, mantra, sitting meditation, sutra, eco-yamas (an ecological form of yogic ethics), or walking meditation.

Practice of PresenceMetta Earth Guided Offerings Food

With all of life’s joys, trials, and passages, deep support is sometimes needed. In conscious sanctuary we practice awareness of the waves of feeling and being that invite a greater sense of flow.

Earth Mandala

Earth Mandala stirs a sense of deeper connection with nature, as you are guided in creating an sacred space/altar in a spot in the Metta Earth forests or fields. This process awakens the imagination and the dreaming self, and a sense of meaning in one’s life.

Sand Play Session

Similar to making an Earth Mandala except an indoor experience in our Owl Yurt, this session uses a round sand bowl, found objects from nature and the human world.

Communication Processes

Guidance for individuals or couples in enhancing deepening communication skills. May include, Non- violent communication (NVC), Way of Council, Co-listening, Deep Listening.

Re-Skilling Classes

Herbal Tea Making

Includes identification, harvesting, drying, blending, tasting of plants from the land here that make up Metta Tea.

Healthy Food Sessions

Includes food preservation, cooking, sprouting, fermenting, cheese, yogurt, or kefir making, bread making, or whole foods cooking as a lesson.

Cleansing the Body

Includes fasting methods and processes such as raw foods, juicing, water fasting, detoxing, and other basic purification processes.

Gardening Sessions

Includes compost making, planting, transplanting, bed making, garden design, and/or harvesting.

Other Offerings

We can also usually call in other holistic teachers or practitioners from our region such as massage therapists, reiki practitioners, herbalists, and others.