Green Yoga Studio

Metta Earth Green Yoga StudioWhat makes a yoga studio “green”? Not green walls, but a green, ecologically healthy orientation that we call our “eco-commitment”. This studio is part of a Green Yoga Studio Pilot Program with the Green Yoga Association, a nationally recognized group of yoga teachers and students committed to environmentally excellent standards and guidelines. The Association is supporting yoga studios around the country and beyond in establishing themselves as green and greener. Metta Earth Institute is a founding and business member in this exciting organization.

In the Metta Earth Yoga Studio, our “greenness” is expressed in the following ways:

  • The use of ecoyoga mats.
  • An extensive project sourcing and commissioning completely organic materials for our meditation cushions with organic cotton batting, organic buckwheat hulls, organic canvas and muslin, and organic dyes, as well as curtains that are made from organically grown cotton and sewn on a non-electric, restored treadle sewing machine. Our wall tents, which serve as one of the types of guest sleeping spaces are also made from organically grown cotton canvas and natural waterproofing.
  • Green YogaEco and organic products in all our retreat needs…cleaning products, linens, towels, and bedding, and just about everything.
  • We use a bamboo floor in our studio and adjoining library/office space, which is noted as a highly renewable building material resource.
  • Locally, sustainably harvested and hand-sawn wood for our woodstoves (Why go to the gym when you can breathe fresh air and move in rhythm with your fellow yogis hand cutting firewood? This is one of our finest karma yoga practices with singing, chanting, or silence, in solitude or in community.)
  • An abundance of organic, locally grown foods in our vegetarian meals including foods from our Metta Earth Community Garden and fresh eggs and dairy products from our resident farmers.
  • Green yoga practices…which we call “Metta Earth Yoga” to support the enhancement of an ecologically attuned consciousness