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Metta Earth is committed to making the Ecological Leadership Intensives accessible to low-income individuals who normally would be unable to attend such a program. We have a limited number of full and partial scholarships available based on need. We prioritize scholarships for those from minority groups and inner-city backgrounds. Please complete this form after submitting a general application. Scholarships will not cover the $500 deposit to reserve your space.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if would like to receive additional self-fundraising advice and coaching.

Program Details

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Application Questions

    Understanding that we have a limited number of scholarships available, please assess your honest financial need to attend this program. What is the minimum amount you need to attend?

    Please share with us why you should be considered for a scholarship and what impact the Summer Immersion program may have on your life.

    Briefly describe your ethnicity, socio-economic background, and demographic.

    Is there anything else you'd like us to know in considering your scholarship application?

    Are you willing to engage in self-fundraising to supplement your scholarship fund (letters to friends and family, go-fund-me campaign, selling gifts from the experience, etc.)?

    Are you willing to participate in a work exchange before or after the Summer Immersion, to lower the cost of your tuition?

    Once this form is complete, click the submit button below. You will be notified of your scholarship award via email by June 20, 2017 or sooner. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive additional self-fundraising advice and coaching.

“There are so many unsung heroines and heroes at this broken moment in our collective story, so many courageous persons who, unbeknownst to themselves, are holding together the world by their resolute love or contagious joy. Although I do not know your names, I can feel you out there.”

David Abram