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Ashley Nunez is a blog writer, photographer, and member of Metta Earth Institute's World Reach Team. When she is not supporting the mission of Metta Earth, you can find her on Facebook at Gather & Roam.
Blogger, photographer, and creatrix.

A Summer of Earth and Community

Have you ever tasted liquid sunshine?   First, find yourself an untouched field of dandelion flowers and carefully remove enough flower heads to fill a basket. Be sure to thank the plants for their gift, but don’t worry too much - you could hardly diminish its brilliance by a mere grazing of the golden heads. [...]

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The Link Between Yoga and Sustainability – An Excerpt

With September vivaciously arriving on our land in a flush of reds and golds in harvests, landscapes, and flowers, we find ourselves shifting into heartier processing in the kitchen and bustling arrivals of our September and October yoga retreats.  As the Vermont Autumn Yoga Retreat and Ecology of Yoga session approaches we find our minds musing [...]

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Savoring the Season: Garlic Harvest

One of the truly amazing things about living with the seasons is the shift from scarcity to abundance. A few weeks ago we enjoyed such a shift with our summer garlic harvest! Earlier this spring we enjoyed the last of our cured fresh garlic from last season. For almost three months we got by on dried cloves [...]

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Embracing the Strawberry Moon

"Give me your hand...I promise it's not anything weird." I reluctantly stepped away from my preparations for dinner and received a tiny, perfectly ripened strawberry from the Puja garden. As I bit into the ruby fruit and the juice enveloped my senses, I reveled in the arrival of strawberry season. We found ourselves at quite [...]

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