Metta Offering: Mantra and Prayer for Difficult Times

While Metta Earth may be physically far removed from violence that has been happening around the United States and the world, we feel it deeply. In particular, we are hurt by racial injustice in the US over the past few weeks. This week, we want to offer two simple practices for grounding, centering, and healing [...]

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Walking the Barefoot World, Part 2

Emily Howard participated in Metta Earth’s Wilderness and Ecopsychology Leadership Intensive in the summer of 2015 and sat down in February 2016 to reflect on how the experience has influenced her life since. She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan and blogs for Metta Earth. This is Part Two in a series of two. Part One [...]

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Embracing the Strawberry Moon

"Give me your hand...I promise it's not anything weird." I reluctantly stepped away from my preparations for dinner and received a tiny, perfectly ripened strawberry from the Puja garden. As I bit into the ruby fruit and the juice enveloped my senses, I reveled in the arrival of strawberry season. We found ourselves at quite [...]

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